Wislande – A Legacy of Service & Hope

December 16, 2019

Here at Deaf Child Hope International, it is our mission to provide help and hope to Deaf children around the world who are living in poverty. Witnessing a Deaf child receive an education, give their life to Christ, and grow in their faith and abilities is motivation to continue this mission. But when we have the opportunity to see our work continued on by a graduated student, it is truly a blessing.

Wislande Baptism

Wislande was one of the very first children to be enrolled in the Deaf Child Hope sponsorship program. She was a student at a school for the Deaf in Haiti and began receiving sponsor benefits in 2010. Her sponsors were faithful in their monthly support and prayers for Wislande until she graduated. Thanks to their faithful support, as well as the hard work of many others in Haiti, she was able to receive an education and become a productive member of the Haitian Deaf community. We were recently notified by our partner that she has chosen to give back to the very community that cared for her.


“Wislande has the sewing program up and running.  She is teaching the kids to make pillows – something rather basic but useful. I was pleased to watch Wislande adjust her teaching to the level of each student. We went through all of machines that [the school] had accumulated over the years that were on a shelf.  With new skills learned while in the USA, Wislande took each machine apart and gave them a thorough cleaning. Using parts from non-working machines [we were able] to assemble five working machines. We took three with us to Haiti so she now has eight machines to use in her class.  I took down the one existing florescent ceiling light and hung four LED lights.  I decreased the voltage draw and increased the actual light in the room. We cleaned the room and set up tables and organized shelves. This sewing program has been a vision and Wislande is being used by God.”

Wislande has the sewing program up and running. She is teaching the kids to make pillows!

Everyone working with Deaf Child Hope is thrilled to see the growth and success that Wislande has achieved. Her journey was witnessed by many, and to see the woman that she has become is a blessing for all of us. One DCH supporter in particular, DCH board member Lisa Van Sant, has visited and spent time with with Wislande in Haiti. She shared her memories of the time that she spent with Wislande and the other children at the partner Deaf school.

“I first met Wislande I believe in 2007, which was my first trip to Haiti. She was feisty, usually giggling with the other girls and sometimes a little naughty (but what child isn’t, right?). She was tough and a bit intimidating. Over the years that I have visited Haiti, I’ve seen SUCH great growth in Wislande.  Her heart has softened and she has become such a beautiful young woman. She is very smart and is a quick learner. I always had to tell her to “slow down” her signing, because I couldn’t keep up!  Wislande is a leader and great helper. She would help me and the team with crafts, other projects and kept the other students in line. At night, I remember going into the girls dorm room where they would be braiding each other’s hair and chit chatting. We talked about many different things. We shared hugs and prayers as a group before bedtime. I cherished those times with her and the other children there.”

Lisa Van Sant

HDA graduating class of 2017 (Wislande on far right)

Our work creates unseen ripples of positive change within the deaf communities we serve and the benefits of sponsoring a child through Deaf Child Hope are immeasurable. Being able to share stories of growth and success are the very reason we continue our work each day. However, we cannot continue this mission without your help. It is our hope that you will prayerfully consider being a sponsor or donor yourself and help us create more stories of change and success in the lives of more Deaf children. If you would like more information on how to become a sponsor, contact us at [email protected]. Or, click here to become a Deaf child sponsor now.