New Well Completed at Lance’s Deaf Orphans in Kenya

September 11, 2019

 Water is essential for life!

Without it, life could not be sustained. Unfortunately, having access to fresh, clean water is not always possible. It was truly a struggle to provide water for the children of Lance’s Deaf Orphans, especially during the seasons of drought. Water had to be carried by hand about a half mile so that it could be used for drinking, cooking, and washing at LDO. Now, thanks to the prayer and financial support of some individuals, as well as two churches – New Life Fellowship in Topeka, Indiana, and Ball Green Assembly of God in Ball Green, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom – Lance’s Deaf Orphans now has its very own well, water pump, water tower, and storage tanks!

We are excited to report that these two churches went above and beyond to help us raise $45,000 that enabled us to begin drilling a borehole for a well at LDO! This was a huge undertaking with an equally immense financial obligation. God had a plan, and He used His people to accomplish it.

The overall cost of the LDO well project totaled approximately $45,000 to complete.

Costs for the well included:

  • $2,500 Survey work
  • $350 acquire drilling authorization from the Water Resources Management Authority
  • $500 Acquire drilling authorization from the National Environmental Management Authority
  • $17,000 Drilling 200-meter borehole, Casing, Gravel Pack
  • $25,000 Equipping the new borehole phase with a pump, solar panels, 20’ high elevated steel tower, and two 10,000-liter water storage tanks.

Needless to say, without the support of the churches in Indiana and the United Kingdom, this water well would not have been possible. We at Deaf Child Hope want to make sure that the individuals who contributed, as well as the members of both New Life Fellowship Church and Ball Green Assembly of God Church, know how truly grateful we are to them for blessing these Deaf children with their generous hearts.

Thanks to them, the 28 Deaf children at Lance’s Deaf Orphans, as well as all of the teachers and staff, will have fresh, clean water readily available to them for many years to come.

And to increase the blessing, both churches had representatives join as part of the mission team that traveled to Kenya to visit LDO in June of this year.  They were able to witness the installation of the pump and the raising of the tower. They were also present when water began flowing from the pipes for the first time. It was a joyous moment for both the children and the mission team. It was not planned to have these two events happen together, but it was extremely fortuitous that the team was present and could report first hand to their churches the completion of the well and the success of the fundraising efforts at each church.

The work that we do at Deaf Child Hope goes beyond teaching Deaf children how to communicate and connect with the world around them. Language is a barrier than no child should have to encounter. But their quality of life and care is equally important. We strive to make sure that all of the needs of deaf children are met, including learning about the love Jesus has for them. When our mission is supported so generously by our deaf child sponsors and donors, it makes our hearts full of joy and gratitude!