Deaf children in developing countries are frequently overlooked as they face numerous challenges that other children do not face.

A large percentage (about half!) of all Deaf children in poverty have not been taught sign language – which would be their only way to communicate with family, friends, or anyone. The cultural misconceptions surrounding their deafness can lead to these children being outcast, isolated and lonely. Plus, Deaf children in developing countries are often considered incapable of learning, and therefore do not have an opportunity to receive an education or have access to the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We know deaf children are as intelligent and as capable as any child.

Through Deaf Child Sponsorships, we currently serve deaf children at 17 locations in 11 countries. By offering them the ability to learn sign language and then a written language, Deaf Child Hope opens doors for deaf children to lead a complete and fulfilling life.

Our Deaf Teacher Sponsorships support the dedicated educators who work tirelessly to help these deaf children, no matter what challenges they face. Along with education, Deaf Child Hope provides the vital help, care, and hope these children need to dream of a different life; one that feels worth living. Then, with your help, we make those dreams reality.