Providing Hope to Deaf Children with A Big Heart And A Whole Lot of Commitment

August 30, 2023

Karen George lives in California and has been a deaf child sponsor with Deaf Child Hope for almost two years now. She isn’t the first sponsor and she won’t be the last but to date, she holds the record for the most deaf child sponsorships at one time. At 14 sponsorships currently, we just want to send a huge shout out to Karen!

When asked “why?” this was her response. “I ‘do what I do’ because I love kids and want to help them as much as I can – the LORD said we’re to help widows & orphans…most of my deaf sponsored kids aren’t orphans, but I like to think the LORD approves.”

While it’s true that not all of the children sponsored through Deaf Child Hope are orphans (although many are) in the most generally assumed sense, they are all alone and isolated. At best, they are in a safe home but still isolated from family and friends because of language deprivation. At worst, they have been rejected from their home and/or community and turned onto the streets because of their deafness. On the streets alone they are easy victims of abuse, starvation, and disease. They cannot advocate for themselves even if they tried because they are cut off from a world in which they do not have a common language.

He has called us to stand up and take ACTION

So we say Karen George has it right. He has called us to stand up and take ACTION for the “least of these” and she is taking action. Below we’ve shared just a little bit about a couple of her sponsored children and one sponsored teacher. Due to her big heart, commitment, and trust in God, Karen is changing lives.

(Shadrack, age 15, 2021 & 2022 Liberia Madrine 2016 & 2022 Teacher in Uganda- Joshua, age 8, 2023 & 2023 Kenya,-Nelsy, age 14, 2021 & 2022 Honduras)