Marisol’s Death Sparks Hope for Other Sick Deaf Children

June 17, 2023

Marisol was a sweet 10-year-old little girl who lived in Mexico, right across the Texas-Mexico border. Marisol was deaf plus, which means that along with her deafness, she had other special differences. Being deaf in Mexico isn’t the same as being deaf in the United States, especially when you are born into poverty. Being sick isn’t the same either. And Marisol was very sick. She passed away at 10 years old in 2016 from kidney failure.

If she had been born only 5 miles north across the border in Texas, she would have received an important surgery she needed at birth. Instead she got sicker throughout her life. At the age of 8, and with the help of her school’s director, the family was able to obtain a medical visa into the United States for evaluation. With a price tag of $250,000 she could have had the surgery she needed at that time. Everyone who loved Marisol reached out to over 50 places to obtain financial aid but before the funds could be raised Marisol went to rest with Jesus too early in her very young life.

Her passing hit her community hard. The staggering reality is that life is so precious yet millions of children die each year from illnesses that are treatable, or starvation that is preventable. Millions are growing up in impoverished circumstances where the next meal is not a given. Safety and healthcare are not a given. Many are orphaned with no parents to fight for their well being. Millions are deaf with NO language or education. Most people assume that where there is hardship there is somebody helping. But where there is a need there are usually far fewer people interested in addressing that need.

There are far too many deaf children in poverty in this world who do not have access to basic human needs.

Deaf Child Hope was born from this place. There are far too many deaf children in poverty in this world who do not have access to basic human needs. No child, ever, should be deprived of life-saving surgery. Yet culturally we turn a blind eye while it happens every day. Along with abuse, neglect, starvation, and abandonment.

So, now the Marisol Medical Care Fund is born. From this little angels life, HOPE is born for others. Deaf Child Hope will use this fund to provide financial resources for medical emergencies for Deaf children in poverty.

If you’d like you donate today to the Marisol Medical Care Fund follow this link Donate to the Marisol Medical Care FundThen under ‘Purpose’ select “Marisol Medical Care Fund’.