Pray for Mary of Lances Deaf Orphans

January 13, 2021

Mary Aluoch is the Headteacher at Lance’s Deaf Orphans (LDO), one of our partner locations in Kenya. She is fighting for her life right now as her body battles cancer.

“Mary is taking some very powerful medicines which has removed all her head hair and her hands have turned very black. Those are normal side effects of the medicine and we are advised that her hair will grow again and her hands will return to normal after the operation.”

Director of Lance’s Deaf Orphans

Mary is battling breast cancer. She has started treatment and Deaf Child Hope funded her treatment and that is thanks to the generous and loving donors who support Deaf Child Hope International. Mary was born in Rapagi of Migori County, Kenya in 1974.  Mary has been a teacher at LDO since 2008. She has been teaching all these years and even now during her treatment because of her love for the Deaf orphans. Mary has committed herself so entirely to LDO partly because she knows how it is to not have a mother, losing her own mother at a young age.

Mary has dedicated her life to helping Deaf orphans in Kenya.

Mary herself is Deaf. She does not hear or speak, she uses sign language to communicate. She is married to a Deaf man and they are blessed with six children.  Mary did her education at Kuja school for the Deaf in Rongo, Kenya. Her hobbies are reading the Bible, playing netball, and playing volleyball.

Mary’s favorite Bible verse is James 1:27.

“Our God our Father accepts this as pure and faultless: Look after the orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

We are thankful for Mary and the dedication she has to serve the Deaf children of LDO! She is a consistent, hard-working, faithful servant. Please pray for her through this time of battling cancer and please join us in prayer for her cancer to go into complete remission!