The Chance To Go To School Transformed Vi’s Whole Life!

December 15, 2020

Vi lives in Vietnam and has a powerful story, especially for such a young soul. He was born Deaf in a rural province of Vietnam. His mother abandoned the family when Vi was an infant and shortly after that his father as well decided that he couldn’t care for Vi. His grandparents became his caregivers and the only parents he ever knew.

Life was full of struggles though as it is for Deaf children in poverty no matter where they live. The family didn’t have much money and often went without food and other necessities. They were farmers and labor was not foreign to Vi. Medical help was not available if someone became ill or hurt so they visited the local witchdoctor for supernatural help in those situations.

Since Vi was Deaf he struggled to communicate since there was nobody to teach him sign language. He did not attend school and therefore didn’t learn to read or write or to do math. His grandparents created a little home sign language so they could communicate with each other but it was very simple and besides his grandparents, he didn’t communicate with anybody else in his life.

That is until 5 years ago in 2015. One of our partner schools, New Beginnings School for the Deaf, in Vietnam, was opened and Vi was invited to attend. The chance to go to school transformed Vi’s whole life. He had teachers that taught him sign language. With language, he was able to learn all the important academics such as literacy, mathematics, and science. He states “My life isn’t as scary and uncertain as before!”

The chance to go to school transformed Vi’s whole life!

At school, he has peers and is able to make friends because they all use sign language and understand the struggle that each of them lives through every day. They also all learn about Jesus.  Today, Vi wants to be a pastor when he is done with school and is pictured here with his mentor who is his pastor and teacher. What a beautiful relationship God has sewn between these two men.