Why Deaf Child Correspondence is Key

September 4, 2018

Communication is important in any successful relationship. For our sponsored Deaf children and the people who sponsor them, it is vital. Our correspondence program is something we cherish and are committed to at Deaf Child Hope International!

Beth Moore, the DCH Sponsorship Coordinator.

How does it work? The goal of the DCH correspondence program is to mediate back and forth communication between sponsor and child, creating a special and lasting relationship. We try to ensure that each Deaf child sponsor receives two items from their sponsored child per year, whether they are drawings or letters. Sometimes, it ends up being only one per year, but we try very hard to make it two. Every piece of correspondence is special to both parties involved. The children have fun creating something for their sponsor, and their sponsors wrtie letters in return sending words of encouragement, life updates, photos, and more to the children. Our Correspondence Coordinator, Beth Moore, works hard to obtain letters from eleven different countries and 16 different partners, to continue the chain of communication. Her hard work transfers into hope and happiness for our sponsored children. 

Sponsorship letters from the Deaf children to their sponsors.

“[Our correspondence program] is critical to providing hope to Deaf children in poverty”

JD King

Why is it important? Many of the Deaf children in poverty have been told they are worthless their entire life. Many have been misunderstood and alienated from communities. Being sponsored and receiving words of encouragement, prayers, and kindness has a monumental impact on their morale and their happiness.  It’s a source of empowerment for the children. The children feel special, like they have another person in their corner, willing to help improve their wellbeing. They even will reference their sponsors as their “friends” in their letters. For their sponsors, writings and drawings can assist their prayers for their child—it allows them to pray for and know their specific needs. Correspondence also creates a more personal connection with the child they are sponsoring. One of our sponsors made a prayer pillow with letters and photos he received from the child his family communicates with (pictured below)! Not only does sponsorship improve the physical wellbeing of the Deaf children involved, but with correspondence, it improves their mental wellbeing.

All of us at Deaf Child Hope appreciate all of our sponsors and their commitment to the Deaf children! If you would like to sponsor a child, establish a relationship, and provide hope, you can click here.