Mother Brought Food On A Donkey From Miles Away

December 9, 2016

Lisa Van Sant is from a small town in Iowa and is the mother of a deaf son as well as an adopted deaf daughter, Hannah, from China, who is now a teenager and pictured below with Lisa in Haiti.  Lisa is a member of the board of directors of Deaf Child Hope International and she traveled to Haiti this fall to serve deaf children in poverty.  Lisa shares this story about a deaf girl living at CCD, one of our partner organizations.

Lisa Van Sant (far right) with daughter Hannah in blue.  Patti Gardiner from Maine, is on the left.

Hannah Van Sant with deaf children in Haiti.

The mother and grandmother of one of the deaf girls at CCD came to visit on a donkey.

She found out that I had a deaf daughter and deaf son. She had no idea there were other deaf children outside of Haiti!  The little girl’s father is a witch….so they believed the deafness was a curse and that Haiti is a cursed nation.


I talked with her and told her that her daughter is a beautiful and smart child of God!

I communicated to her that she, as a mother, was special in that God chose her to care for her daughter, especially seeing how much she cared and loved her.


She had brought her daughter food, on a donkey, from miles away that day.

She is interested in learning more and also learning sign language.  Patti and I would like to set up a special day there to teach sign language basics for the families that are wanting to learn…we already have 5 interested we’ve talked to while we were there!