Wanted: Preacher for an amazing Deaf community in Haiti!

July 9, 2016

Recently I visited a Deaf Child Hope partner Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.  We had the privilege of visiting most of the deaf students in their homes and meeting their families.  We brought backpacks of school supplies to give to the children, encouraged them to attend school in the fall, and prayed for their families.

While it was an amazing experience to visit the children at home, this was no easy task: some of the students live far away from the school, and we walked – well, hiked, really.  One little girl lives an hour away – we weaved our way through a street market, waded through a river, and climbed a steep incline before we finally arrived at her humble home.  It’s hard to imagine that she hikes that route to attend the deaf school in the city.

On the last day of our trip, I sat in chapel to pray for each deaf child individually, for each of the deaf teachers and for the deaf community as a whole.  As I went down the list of names praying for the needs of each, I noticed a theme: this community needs a preacher.

The deaf teachers need encouraged and inspired by the Word so they can continue to teach the Gospel to the children.  The adults in the community need prayer partners and someone to teach them about the Bible.  The children need role models who are walking in faith and living for God.  This community needs a preacher to pray for them and to guide them.

Because there isn’t a preacher in the community, the people only gather for church once a year when the team of Americans (who use ASL) visit.  Once a year!  That should break our hearts.

As for most deaf children living in poverty, the prayer needs are numerous; however, the most urgent need for this community is a permanent preacher.  Please join me in praying that God will hear our prayers and bring a preacher to northwest Haiti!

Tammie Showalter

Partner Relations Deaf Child Hope International