Going On A Deaf Child Hope Mission Trip Could Change Your Life

February 22, 2023

Did you know we have Five Deaf Child Hope Mission Trips scheduled for 2023?!

To get you excited here are some of our favorite photos from past trips.


2013 Jamaica

In the first picture, 3-year-old Jamie sits on his sponsor’s back while he looks like he’s doing push-ups! His sponsors visited him in Jamaica shortly after they started their sponsorship.  They still sponsor him to this day, 10 years later. Look at how much Jamie has grown! The second picture is a current picture of Jamie taken this past fall when DCH went to Jamaica on a missions trip.

2013 Mexico

During this trip, there was a lot of quality time in the classroom with the kids, teaching, crafts, sign language, and much more!

2014 Haiti

Pictured here are Debbie and Vicki who we like to call “The Mother Teresa’s for deaf children in poverty”. They have visited and helped deaf children all over the world for many years and today run the prayer warrior team for Deaf Child Hope that emails out a specific daily prayer for deaf children and people involved in Deaf Child Hope, to a huge network of people all over the world.

2016 Uganda

Leticia is hugging Kris in these photos. The two of them met on a mission trip Kris took to Uganda and Kris and her husband adopted Leticia and she is doing well today!

2016 Ethiopia 

Ginger, who is pictured below with a young deaf Ethiopian girl, works on staff and has also visited eight of our partners over the years, which is the most DCH partners visited by one individual.

2017 Uganda

Courtney is pictured here with many of the students at our partner in Uganda. She was a DCH intern for two summers and traveled to Uganda twice as well as Kenya & Ethiopia.

2017/2018 Ethiopia 

2018 Kenya 

In 2018 we were able to visit our partners in Kenya twice. Lances Deaf Orphans is one partner there that Deaf Child Hope is fully responsible for its day-to-day operations and the welfare of the children and staff who live there.

2018 Uganda 

The 2018 trip to Uganda included helping to construct a new building that the school had just purchased.

2020 Uganda

Heather travels to Uganda regularly and has helped and loved these children fiercely.

2020 Kenya

This delightful couple are family members of Deaf Child Hopes Missions coordinator Michelle Sharick.

2022 Honduras 

Deaf Child Hope has two partners in Honduras and this DCH Mission trip was the first to both of them. The team was able to spend a lot of great quality time with students, their families and teachers.

2022 Jamaica 

As you see here, even our young people can make a BIG difference. At only 8 years old, Harper traveled to Jamaica with her mom and a group from the States to visit the three campuses of our partner there.

Here are the trips you can sign-up for in 2023!

2023 Trips