KCPE Exam in Kenya Takes Deaf Students to Secondary School

February 10, 2021

The Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education exam (KCPE) is a nationally recognized exam that students take to continue on past primary education and onto secondary education. Comparable to the United States’ ACT or SAT experience that allows us to continue onto college, a passing score on the KCPE allows a Kenyan student to be admitted to a secondary education program and continue their studies instead of going into the workforce or vocational school.

The students in these photos are Deaf students who live at one of our partner locations in Kenya, Lance’s Deaf Orphan (LDO). They have all passed the KCPE exam in recent years and

are in the secondary education program. They have all worked incredibly hard to get where they are. A couple of years ago LDO became an authorized administrating location of the KPE exam so the Deaf children who live and attend school there can study for and take the exam on-site instead of having to travel to a different location.

They have worked incredibly hard to get where they are.

If a student has a monthly sponsorship, then their sponsor is contributing financially in a huge way to their secondary school experience. That includes the items they need to leave LDO and live on-site at secondary school.  Also, pictures are the kids leaving for secondary school with new trunks, backpacks, mattresses, and other important supplies.

By sponsoring a Deaf child, you are giving them the means for a positive future. Through your sponsorship Deaf Child Hope is able to cover the fees of secondary school for these students. No matter how old they are, they need support and these orphaned students from LDO don’t have parents to support them, so if we don’t work together to provide for them, who will? They have, and are, overcoming many obstacles because they are Deaf and because they are orphans. They work incredibly hard and have dreams and ambitions like every teenager. We applaud them for where they have come from and can’t wait to see where they go.