Introducing JR Bucklew!

June 26, 2015

Jonathan “JR” Bucklew is a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) born and raised in Haughton, LA to Kelton and Michelle Bucklew. Being homeschooled allowed him to gain much experience in interpretation and in  deaf ministry throughout High School.

In 2009, JR went to visit a missionary in Ethiopia for 2 months.  While in Ethiopia, he felt called by the Lord to move there and serve Him among the deaf.  He began his journey in the summer of 2010 when he moved to Mekelle, Ethiopia in the Region of Tigray. For 2 years JR has been working with deaf children and adults throughout Tigray by serving, preaching the Gospel, and doing compassion works.

JR is sent out by his home church, Antioch Baptist Church of Dixie Inn, LA. In 2011 JR married Feven Zegeye Habterufael, an Ethiopian believer who he met at their local fellowship. They both are devoted to preaching the Gospel and making disciples within the deaf community.

JR and Feven established the Signs of Peace Ministry Café in Mekelle, Ethiopia as well as the Signs of Peace Project Center in the Village of Hagere Selam. Together they work to teach deaf children sign language so that they might hear the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! Living in a region with over 40,000 deaf children and a deaf school with only 74 students, the need for assistance in Ethiopia is huge!

In 2012 JR joined Deaf Child Hope International as an Associate Field Director!  We are very excited to have JR and Feven on the team.  JR and Feven will continue to serve in their current ministry but will assist Deaf Child Hope with partner relations in this corner of the world!   Please continue to pray for them as they strive to give deaf people a language in which they will be able to hear the Gospel.