Bringing Leticia Home

March 5, 2016

Meet Kris Detrow and her daughter Leticia!

Kris, a volunteer staff member with Deaf Child Hope, is passionate about helping the deaf children at Boanerges Deaf Initiative (BDI) in Uganda.

Leticia is a deaf girl from Uganda whom Kris met while serving at BDI. Leticia’s biological parents want nothing to do with her, and told a judge, in front of Leticia, that they didn’t want her because she was deaf. This is very sad, but too often it is the case in Uganda and other developing countries.

Kris and her husband John decided to adopt Leticia to give her a home where she would be loved and cherished. Kris and John adopted Leticia, were legally Leticia’s parents, but when Kris traveled to Uganda to bring Leticia home, the U.S. government denied Leticia’s travel to the states.

Kris had to leave her daughter in Uganda! Greta Van Susteren, of Fox News Channel, had her heart broken by this story and covered it on her show, doing what she could to help by interviewing Kris live. The complete details and obstacles of what it took for the Detrow’s to complete this adoption would fill a 300 page novel!

“This is being reposted with the great news that this American family will be permitted to bring their deaf adopted child to the USA. It is wonderful for Leticia — but I really want to give a shout out to the American family. They have spent so much of their savings and persevered… they never gave up. If you look up the word greatness in the dictionary, you might just find a picture of this very generous family – they sure represent greatness…and goodness.”

Greta Van Susteren of Fox News

Today we celebrate with Kris and John, as their daughter Leticia is now in the U.S., living with her forever family.

Please keep Kris, Leticia, and their family in your prayers.

“I can’t believe I am blessed to be her mom!”

Kris Detrow



Greta Van Susteren also did a story about Leticia that was broadcast on the Fox News Channel.  To view this touching story click the link below.

Leticia’s story: A young girl’s quest to hear

Mar. 04, 2016 Greta tells a personal ‘On the Record’ story of how a young Ugandan girl’s journey to the US in a quest to hear for the first time.

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