Bringing HOPE In Memory of Marisol for Giving Tuesday

November 17, 2023

Over the years you may have heard the name Marisol. Marisol was a little girl who was growing up in Mexico and attending a special and wonderful school for deaf children, one of Deaf Child Hope’s partner locations. Marisol died very young of kidney complications. Her death was preventable and if she had been born in the United States, less than 10 miles north of where she lived, she likely wouldn’t have died. But the reality is that her family did not have access to the resources and medical care needed to save her. The school helped fundraise and there were plans to get her the surgery she needed in Texas but she passed away before the operation could happen. This heartbreaking story should remind us of the perilous situation that children in poverty face. Deaf children who live in poverty get sick and have life threatening illness just as anybody else might but unlike most others, they often don’t have the language to seek help.

Our team was recently at Marisol’s former school on a missions trip and got to visit her gravesite. In that region of Mexico if you are buried in a public cemetery then the bones are dug up after 10 years and reburied in an unmarked mass grave, to make room in the cemetery. The school was able to assist Marisol’s family to purchase a gravesite in a private cemetery so her body shall remain in a place where her family and friends always know where they can go for a visit.

From this life the Marisol Memorial Medical Care Fund was born. Giving Tuesday is coming up on November 28th and this year we are highlighting the MMMCF for Giving Tuesday. Above you see pictures of other children at our partner locations who have previously or may in the future benefit from funds that come from the MMMCF. Having the right funds at the right time could mean saving a life.