What We Do

There are a variety of organizations focusing on global humanitarian relief efforts, which we applaud, and most of these organizations are doing a great work.  The problem is deaf children in developing countries have many challenges that other children do not, and these deaf children are frequently overlooked.  Deaf children are often isolated and outcast, and education provided for deaf children in developing countries is rare.  In some countries deaf people are outcast because of the misconception that sin must have caused their deafness.  We have learned that in both Ethiopia and Uganda, deaf people are outcast to a greater extent than any other group, including lepers, and blind people.  Deaf children have very unique needs, and it takes a unique effort to serve deaf children, especially deaf children living in poverty conditions.  Some of the larger child sponsorship organizations only set up projects with partners if a certain number of children are available.  It is rare to have larger numbers of deaf children all in one place, so Deaf Child Hope International is committed to trying help a deaf child in a community, even if they are the only deaf child around. 

Deaf Child Hope International exists…to seek out deaf children in poverty conditions around the world, and through partnerships, help provide clothing, food, shelter, education, and the Gospel of Jesus to these special children.

Much of our work is done through our
partnerships.  Some of our partners are more
established than others.  For the partners who
are more established, we provide resources and
consulting to help them improve their ability to
teach and reach deaf children. We also work with
partners who are in the earlier stages of building
an outreach, and in these cases we provide
expertise, resources, and moral support as they
take steps to reach out to deaf children in their

Deaf Child Hope International was founded in 2010, so we are
a young organization, but we have a strong leadership team
with many years of experience in deaf ministry as well as
many years of working with deaf children in many countries
around the globe.  We are thankful that you have taken the
time to read this and we  invite you to join us in making a
difference in the lives of deaf children.