We Appreciate All the Teachers of Deaf Children in Poverty!

August 30, 2022

As schools all over are starting up again this month, we here at Deaf Child Hope, want to do a SHOUT OUT to the teachers of deaf children in poverty. Oftentimes the struggles and sacrifices made are unnoticed. Too often the emotional toll leaves its mark. The work is never-ending. It isn’t a job that you leave behind at 5 O’clock. What it is, is imperative, meaningful, and revered.

Your presence is life changing

When you are a teacher of a deaf child, especially one who lives in impoverished circumstances, your presence is life-changing for that child.  Without you, the world is a scarier place because there isn’t a common language to connect with it. Without you, their futures aren’t as bright. Without you, they may be facing homelessness, abuse, or neglect. Most people in this world aren’t even aware of the needs that deaf children in poverty have. The plight that they were born into without any say in the matter. The challenges that face them every day, with every interaction.

We know Jesus was a teacher during his time on Earth. When we take a child under our wing and build him/her up with the knowledge of the world and do so with kindness and encouragement, some might argue there is no better way to do the Lord’s work.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, thank the teachers in your life. Maybe it’s your old youth group leader, a primary school teacher, a spouse, a parent, an old college professor, or a mentor at work. Maybe it’s somebody who isn’t here on Earth with us anymore and you wish you’d had the chance the thank them before. Teachers are battling on the front lines, fighting for a better future for our children.

God knows your heart and has called you

To all of the teachers that we partner with, we appreciate you. We admire your work. We know the constant challenges you are battling through and are praying for perseverance. God knows your heart and has called you to this work for a reason. Bless you.