The Red Ball

November 2, 2015

Marisol is a six-year-old deaf girl living in Matamoros, Mexico.  When she was born, the doctor told her mom she would never live past the age of one—but she has!  Marisol is six in earthly years but her body and mind are slower in development.  In mental activities she is closer to the age of one, BUT she is learning very quickly.  Because of some physical problems, Marisol is just now learning how to eat solid food and to walk.  She is being taught at Con Mis Manos three hours a week.  Con Mis Manos (“With My Hands”) is a non-denominational Christian ministry for deaf and hard of hearing children.

Three times a week, Marisol’s mom brings her to school for an hour.  Her teacher is helping her develop her physical and mental skills and is teaching Marisol to sign basic words.  Marisol has learned to ask for milk and water in signs and has learned other words as well.  Marisol loves the color red and has learned to sign the color and reach for objects that are red.  It is very difficult for her but she is improving!

Not only is Marisol learning language and other skills, Con Mis Manos is helping her mother know how to teach her.  Marisol’s mother has learned to repeat the lessons at home in order to further help her daughter. At the rate she is learning it will not be long until she will be able to do more toddler activities.

Marisol has many health issues.  She requires special medicine and medical supplies every day.  These supplies are very expensive and the family cannot afford them.  Con Mis Manos helps when it can, but often they do not have the necessary funds.  Sponsorship helps Marisol’s family by defraying some of these costs.

Marisol has a beautiful laugh and a great smile.  One day when we were there, we rolled a red ball back and forth.  As we played she began to giggle!  Oh what a blessing!  We are praying that this little girl will someday be able to live up to her potential!

“Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy.  Then it was said among the nations, ‘The Lord has done great things for them.’  The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.”  Psalms 126: 2-3

Debbie and Vicki

DCH Field Directors