Signs Of Progress At Lance’s Deaf Orphans

July 12, 2017

Lance’s Deaf Orphans (LDO) continues to do well and the LDO children are growing, are safe, and are working hard on their studies.

We are thrilled with the leadership of Winston Omondi, a Kenyan deaf man who is our Lance’s Deaf Orphans Director.  Winston is on staff at Deaf Child Hope and leads LDO with hard work, wisdom, and integrity.  We are grateful for his commitment to the deaf children at LDO.  We currently have 23 deaf orphans at LDO and we rely on continued donors and sponsors to care for them.

Lance McWilliams, who started Lance’s Deaf Orphans in 2008 shared this message soon after starting Lance’s Deaf Orphans:

I picked up an orphan and signed to her, “You’re beautiful,” but she looked back at me with a blank stare. She did not understand what I was saying. I discovered that only 30% of the deaf children understood sign language. My heart broke.

“Their only crime was that they couldn’t hear and became outcasts. Imagine leaving your kid on the streets at 3-4 years old just because they couldn’t hear you. The lucky ones are kept at home as slaves for farming or for the sex trade. As the two weeks went on, we had visited several places, and schools. We also visited a hearing orphanage and I could see a huge difference as it was day and night. The hearing orphanage was well provided for. It was so easy for them to get public support. The ‘hearing orphans’ had a future with proper education. My heart couldn’t help but get really angry at this fact. It is culturally accepted that the Deaf orphans were useless and not worthy of an education, but that does not mean we have to sit and accept it. I knew then what God called me to do!”

Signs of Progress at LDO

New Water Tank


New School Uniforms

Education Certificate

We are proud to announce that LDO is now an independent learning institution for KCPE exams!  The LDO children will now be able to do KCPE examinations within LDO and not at other schools.  LDO has been given a KCPE school code number.

The examination invigilators and police will be sent to LDO annually to guard our class against exam cheating and protect the pupils as they take the exams at LDO!  This is a huge achievement for LDO.  We are very appreciative of Winston, our Lance’s Deaf Orphan’s Director, for working hard to reach this milestone at LDO.


LDO Children Participate In Sports Day

The LDO children participated in sports competitions in Kisii and will end at Nyeri for National competitions. Good news in that 14 LDO students were picked in Kissi as best players to go for major sports competitions!


New Sandals And School Shoes…They Were Much Needed!


New Fence Around LDO For Added Security


New Dining Hall!


Lance’s Deaf Orphans saying THANK YOU!!


Without the continued financial support of LDO donors and LDO deaf child sponsors, this progress, and future progress, would not be possible, and we would have to close LDO.

But because of the generous continued donations from caring people, progress continues to be made in providing hope to these very treasured deaf orphans in Kenya!

If you  would like to get involved and help serve these deaf children, please contact us at [email protected], or donate to Lance’s Deaf Orphans on our donation page.  We are able to provide, at your request, the latest needs at LDO…if you would like to jump in and help!