Meet Anderlande!

September 7, 2015

The first time I met Anderlande I knew she was special in so many ways.  This beautiful girl is SUCH a bright student and so excited and willing to learn new things.  She loves dolls and playing games with the others.  In school, Anderlande does extremely well in math and
is very good at doing puzzles.  She is a very diligent worker, takes learning seriously, and is very eager to learn more at school each day.  She picks up on new vocabulary and signs very quickly and has even taught me a new sign or two of their own Haitian sign language!

Anderlande lives at the All God’s Children Orphanage & School for the Deaf in Fedja, Haiti.  She helps out doing chores at the orphanage and school.  She goes to church on Sunday mornings and school during the week when school is in session.

Would you be willing to sponsor Anderlande?  For just a small amount, you can help Anderlande continue getting the schooling she needs, along with food, clothing, shelter, and above all she will be taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

If you feel led to sponsor one of Deaf Child Hope Internationals children from Haiti or Mexico, please click the sponsor a child link to the left!

– Lisa Van Sant, DCH Board of Directors member