I’ve been blessed.  Truly blessed.

August 3, 2015

I’ve been blessed.  Truly blessed.

Born into the comforts of a nice home where Dad and Mom loved and nourished me.  Even after ending up in the hospital with Spinal Meningitis at 16 months of age and becoming deaf, my parents continued to love and raise me.  Furthermore, they learned sign language so that they could communicate with me and I could understand them.
Yeah, I’ve been blessed.  Truly blessed.

While growing up, I received a good education in a public school with sign language interpreters during my elementary and middle school years, then in a residential school for the Deaf with direct communication in sign language.  And it wasn’t just the academics – my spiritual, physical, emotional and mental capacities were further developed in extracurricular opportunities like drama, football, basketball, baseball and summer camps.

Have I been blessed?  Yes, truly blessed!

Most important of all, I’ve been introduced to Jesus.  With tremendous thanks to Christians who loved and cared for me, including my parents and my home church, I’ve met my Savior.  He is my Rock and my Fortress.

Wow!  I’ve truly been blessed!  Praise God

Oh, how I wish that all of the above blessings I’ve received were the same for many other deaf children, those who have been neglected and abandoned, including orphans.  It can be true, and it is, thanks to people like YOU who pray for and financially sponsor deaf children through Deaf Child Hope.  You, your prayers and your precious dollars give deaf children in poverty love and care so that they may have nourishment, a good education, clear communication, encouragement and most important of all, meet Jesus.

“Blessed is he who has regard for the weak…”  (Psalm 41:1a – NIV 1984)


Chad Entinger

Executive Director of Deaf Missions and DCH Advisory Board Member