A FaceTime Greeting From Haiti

May 17, 2017

The Kings FaceTime Jeffson, Their Sponsored Deaf Child In Haiti!

The King family, JD, Tia, McKenzie, Dakota, and Kassidy, have been sponsoring Jeffson through Deaf Child Hope for eight years now!  These pictures show Jeffson when the Kings first sponsored him, and a current picture of Jeffson.  He’s growing up!

Jeffson lives in Haiti and he is a bright and fun boy.  He is receiving an education, which the majority of deaf children in poverty do not receive, he has a safe place to sleep, is eating decent food each day, and learning about Jesus.  This is huge for his future!  The King family prays for him every night and also write to him, and he writes them in return through the Deaf Child Hope correspondence program.

Tammy Showalter, a volunteer staff member at Deaf Child Hope was in Haiti serving Jeffson and other deaf children, and she had her iPhone with her which allowed the Kings to FaceTime Jeffson!  This was a first!

The first picture below is the entire family together communicating through Facetime with Jeffson in Haiti and below are screen shots of the conversations.


It was really an awesome moment!

In the screenshot above, you can see McKenzie and Kassidy, in the upper left corner, while Jeffson is the boy in the picture.  He gave them an “I Love You” sign, a “thumbs up,” and a wave goodbye.

Kenzie signed to him that they pray for him, and that’s when Jeffson gave them a thumbs up…awesome!