Providing Hope For Deaf Children in Poverty

Providing Hope For Deaf Children in Poverty

25 million deaf children worldwide are currently living in isolation, outcast from their communities, and deemed unworthy of an education.

We are on a mission to change that. Deaf Child Hope spreads hope to Deaf children all over the world by providing basic essentials like clothing, food, shelter, safety, acceptance, medical care, education and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, thanks to the help of our many partners, deaf child sponsors, financial supporters, and volunteers.

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You too can make a lasting difference by joining us on a DCH mission trip to serve deaf children in another country. You may be surprised when your own heart and life also transform in the process!

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Going On A Deaf Child Hope Mission Trip Could Change Your Life

Did you know we have Five Deaf Child Hope Mission Trips scheduled for 2023?! To get you excited here are some of our favorite photos from past trips.   2013…

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DEAF CHILD OF THE WEEK: Bryanna from Honduras. To become one of the most important people in Bryanna's life for only $38/month, click the link below.
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These students are wishing moms a happy Mother’s Day a few weeks ago at our partner school in Honduras. They did such an awesome job!
To register for one of our awesome missions trips follow this link to Manage Missions.
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DEAF CHILD OF THE WEEK: Bryanna from Honduras. To become one of the most important people in Bryanna's life for only $38/month, click the link below.
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We want to take a minute and recognize one of our amazing deaf child sponsors. This is Karen! She lives in California. Karen is amazing for many reasons but we are recognizing her because she has 14 sponsorships through Deaf Child Hope! She sponsors 12 deaf students and 2 teachers of deaf students. The sponsored children and teachers live in the countries Vietnam, Honduras, Liberia, Kenya, Philippines, Uganda, and Jamaica. 
We asked Karen to share a little bit about her sponsorship journey and why she does what she does. She started her sponsorship journey with us in Sept 2021. She found us online and called the office speaking for awhile with our CEO. After learning how mistreated deaf children typically are in developing countries she was hooked and knew she wanted to start sponsoring. She has deaf friends here in the United States and is familiar with some of the challenges. She knows the Lord calls us to help the widows and orphans and while not all DCH children are orphans, many of them are and they all need hope. 
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ALERT-BIRTHDAY BOY- Victor (who lives in Kenya) is turning 15 today! Turning 15 on 5/15, that is very special Victor. We hope you have a wonderful day. 
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DEAF CHILD OF THE WEEK: Thai from Veitnam. Thai is 16 years old and lives in Vietnam. There he attends a school for deaf students. His family didn't realize he was deaf until he was two years old. They traveled all over to get him the help he needed but he just wasn't able to learn well in the hearing public school. Finally they found the school for the deaf and he is doing very well. He is happy and likes math. His family has a farm and it's biggest crop is watermelons. 
If you would like to become Thai's sponosr for only $38/month this would add to his life and education immensely. What a great way to help a child in need.
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