Are You In A “State of Hope?”

DCH-State-of-Hope-Graphic-177x161Hey guys! My name is Heather.

I’m an intern at Deaf Child Hope International, and I’m also proud to say that I am a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults). I am excited to tell all of you that I’m in a “State of Hope!” My state is Kentucky, but my story began in Haiti in the summer of 2013. This trip allowed me to see first-hand the challenges and trials that deaf children are up against in developing countries. I believe in providing hope for every deaf child living in poverty around the world.  So my challenge to you all is: will you join me in a “State of Hope?”

I am the host for the “Promote Your State of Hope” campaign.  One of Deaf Child Hope’s initiatives is to raise awareness about the plight of deaf children in developing countries so that we can be an advocate for them. With our State of Hope campaign we are hoping to both raise awareness and encourage action. Together we can make a difference—but we need your help!

Here’s how you can participate and show us that you are in a “State of Hope”:


We want to get photos of people from every state in the United States wearing Deaf Child Hope T-Shirts. As we begin to receive the photos, we will post them on Facebook for all to see, with a declaration that your state is a “State of Hope!”

So send us a photo of you, or you with your friends (it’s fine to have more than one person in the photo) with at least one of you wearing a Deaf Child Hope T-Shirt. This means that you’ll need to have a DCH T-shirt! If you don’t already have one, no worries—you can purchase one on our website, and they’re only $10! For only $10 you get a great T-shirt, and you can be the one to declare your state as a “State of Hope.” (This promotion is not about selling T-shirts, so if you really can’t afford one, please contact us and we can work something out to get you one.)

You can purchase a Deaf Child Hope T-shirt here:

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Send your photo(s) to the email address:  In your message please include your name or names (first names are fine), your state, and a declaration that you are in a “State of Hope.” :) For example, “My name is Alexis. I’m declaring my state, Alabama, to be a “State of Hope!”

Each time we have someone declare a new state a “State of Hope,” this will trigger something we are calling a “Deaf Child in Poverty Factoid.” This means that for every state declared, we will post on Facebook a new fact about the plight of deaf children in poverty, thereby raising awareness of this issue.

So,are you with us? Are you in a “State of Hope?” Take charge and declare your state to be a “State of Hope!”

I now challenge you all to join me in this “Promote your State of Hope” campaign! We can make a difference if we work together. Remember, even if it is one deaf child at a time, that means one child receiving acceptance, love, truth, purpose, and hope. We can all do our part to help provide hope by praying for deaf children around the world, sponsoring a deaf child, or sponsoring a deaf-child teacher. You can also invite us to your church, camp, V.B.S., or any event, to share about our mission. You can even take a mission trip with DCH to serve deaf children in poverty!

I’ll talk to you all soon!


In A State of Hope,