J.D. King President & CEO


Debbie Klahn Senior Field Director


Vicki Drummond Senior Field Director

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Leah Morgera Office Manager

Leah Morgera is our Office Manager.  She is originally from Colorado but moved to Nebraska during the hot summer of 2011.   Leah comes from an extensive background with deaf culture, she has a family member who is deaf and her parents help to start a church for the deaf in Colorado Springs.
Leah continues to be involved with activities for the deaf and is currently an educational interpreter.  Dave, her husband of 22 years, and Leah have two boys, Joshua, 14 and Jackson 12.  She first started volunteering for Deaf Child Hope last year developing the correspondence program between sponsors and their sponsored child. In April of this year she began working several hours a month managing the office side of the business.


Beth Moore Correspondence Coordinator

Beth lives in Omaha with her husband and two beautiful daughters. 

Tammie Showalter Partner Relations - Haiti

Tammie grew up in the beautiful hills of wild and wonderful West Virginia. After college, she moved to the home of the Ohio State Buckeyes where she worked in the business world for many years. Surprisingly, in the middle of her career, God led her to learn American Sign Language. Another move to Council Bluffs, Tammie Web ImageIowa, gave her the opportunity to learn more about Deaf culture, meet many friends, and learn about the plight of deaf children in poverty.  She continues to seek God’s leading in how to best serve deaf children. When not traveling, she enjoys working with her therapy dog, Bettis, biking with her dad, and spending time with family.


Ginger Stanfill Presentation Coordinator

Ginger Stanfill was born and raised in Gadsden, AL where she was a member of Trinity United Methodist Church. By the time she graduated from high school she knew she wanted to to become a teacher in special education. Because she had several surgeries to repair her eardrums as a child she felt fortunate to only have a mild hearing loss. That led her to want to teach children that did have a hearing impairments. In 1994 she graduated from Jacksonville State University in AL with a B.S degree in Special Education for the Hearing Impaired. She moved to Jackson, TN that same year to teach at West Tennessee School for the Deaf. She also received a M.S. degree in Instruction, Curriculum, and Leadership from the University of Memphis in 2000. After teaching a few years in public school as the Special education preschool teacher, she is back at WTSD. She lives in Lexington, TN with her husband of 16 years, Frankie and her 2 sons, Casey age 13, and Keith age 10. They are members of New Hope United Methodist Church.


Lisa Joy Van Sant Assistant Deaf Child Sponsorship Coordinator

Lisa is wife to Mike Van Sant and mother to 4 children…Jessie, 20 yrs, Heather, 18 yrs, Jayden 13 yrs, and Hannah 11 yrs.  Jayden was born profoundly deaf and that is where Lisa’s involvement with deaf children started.  She also adopted a daughter, Hannah, from China in 2003.  Hannah is also profoundly deaf.  All of her children bring her much joy and she has grown so much personally and spiritually through raising them.  Lisa works at Sully Christian School part-time as a cook, and also works for the family business, Grinnell Firestone. Lisa is involved as leader of the mission team at Grace Fellowship Church where she attends in Pella, Iowa.  She has been on several mission trips including Jamaica and Haiti, where she has worked with deaf children. Lisa’s passion is to help deaf children in other countries that do not have the resources and needs provided for that children have here in the United States.  God has blessed her family so much and Lisa wants to live her life serving Him the best she can.


Kris Detrow Associate Field Director Uganda

Kris Detrow had a unique childhood. She grew up in a rustic log cabin built by her blacksmith father. For quite some time her family lived without electricity and plumbing. True to her folksy roots, Kris went through a barefoot hippie phase and lost her way for many years. Through the grace and mercy of God, her life has been transformed. She married her mailman and considers herself blessed with twin boys and a calling to be a novelist. Kris seeks to bring glory to God through the medium of fiction, which she believes can change the hearts and minds of many who would never consider entering a church.

If someone would have told Kris a few years ago that she’d travel to Africa four times in less than a year, and that she was chomping at the bit to return, she would have politely informed them that they were out of their tree.  She is ashamed to admit it now, but for most of her life, she simply glazed over when church folk would speak about missions. She honestly had no interest in it and didn’t feel any connection with people halfway around the world.  She doesn’t like traveling, airplanes, bugs, or humidity. So, you can understand why a visit to Uganda Africa was not on her bucket list.

But then God…

Kris had quite an interest in sign language for many years because of deaf family and friends.  Kris was introduced to deaf children in poverty through a newsletter about a school/home for deaf children in Uganda, where many of the children had been completely abandoned by their parents due to their deafness. Included with the blurb highlighting the ministry was a picture of the most beautiful child she had ever seen in her life. She tried to keep scrolling down the screen and move on. But it was no use. Her mind became fixated on this place. To make a long story short, a few months later she was boarding a plane bound for Uganda. She was not prepared for the conditions that awaited her in Kawempe, Uganda. The children were jammed into makeshift classrooms. Chalkboards were crumbling, the words scrawled on them by their dedicated volunteer teachers scarcely readable. Many of the children had no shoes. The shoes they did have were in quite poor condition and would have been thrown away long again in the states. At the time of her first visit, there was no running water or electricity. The kids ate posho, which can only compare taste-wise and visually to Styrofoam, every single day. Every single meal. Posho is made from corn meal and offers essentially nothing of nutritional value. Kris’ family has committed to doing all they can to help this small pocket of beautiful deaf children, many of whom were cast away by their families and considered to be fools and a waste of a life. We know that in the sight of God, they are precious and were made for a purpose.


Ginny Patton Promotions & Presentations

Ginny Patton serves alongside her husband James, who is a Deaf pastor at Faith Christian Community in Anchorage, Alaska.  Their Hands of Faith Deaf ministry works to reach the unsaved and unreached Deaf, bringing salt and light to the lost and dying world.  Ginny is very active within the community, leading Bible studies and local Deaf community events. Ginny has a passion for Deaf children, having over 25 years of educational interpreting experience.  She enjoys staying active, playing tennis and hiking, but her greatest pleasure is spending time with her six children and four grandchildren.  





Heather Grizzell Intern

Heather is a CODA (Child Of Deaf Adult).  It took two years of praying and planning before God opened the door for her to go to Haiti to work with deaf people.   Heather went to Haiti and while there served at one of Deaf Child Hope’s partner organizations in St Louis du Nord, Haiti.  While there, almost every day she encountered some deaf people. She helped with a VBS for them, gave out lunches that the women had prepared, and took them to the beach in Anse-à-Foleur. During her time in Haiti she witnessed true poverty. People begging for money, animals with not much more than ribs with skin over top…but she says some people were the friendliest, their smiles were joyful,  and the mountains were beautiful. She states, “I remembered to look for the beauty in the brokenness because my God was there and He was in control. I was praying that I would find my purpose and that I would see God like I had never seen Him before.”