Aresemakidest Girma

Born 2000

Aresemakidest is a cheerful girl with an infectious smile. Her father says that everyone she meets is blessed by her joyful spirit.

She enjoys drawing and watching TV.  She attends deaf school and is an average student.  Thanks to her involvement at TLC, she is able to attend weekly Bible

lessons and has special lessons specifically designed for the deaf students.  Her father is a follower of Christ, and is thankful to God for all that TLC Childcare has done for his daughter.

Message from Ginger after meeting Aresemakidest:   I met her when I visited Ethiopia. She was so beautiful and loved getting her picture made.  She was so happy and smiling the whole time. I remember her and her father had dressed up just because we were coming to visit. They graciously invited us into their very humble home that had walls made of mud.  I clearly remember her father saying she is a blessing to everyone she meets because she is so joyful.