Sponsored Deaf Children

Latortue Cardova Haiti
Ludger Christiano Haiti
Ngoc Vietnam
Yvonne Awuor Kenya
Joseph Otando Kenya
Winnie Atieno Kenya

Birthdate: 2007

Ian Omondi Kenya

Birthdate: 2008

Mary Ann Awuor Kenya
Vincent Ochieng Kenya
Shantel Marion Kenya
Chenpue Paye Liberia

Birthdate: 2002

Chenpue (her name means “say what you will”) was born with Ectrodactyly or Lobster Claw which affects both of her hands and feet. This creates a real challenge for her in signing so attempts are being made to create valid modifications of signing for her where possible. She is learning to read sign language so she can increase her educational learning through that means. She has been able to develop good writing skills as she is learning to read and write. She is very bright and motivated to learn. Her father deserted the family after her birth and then her mother died when she was four years old. She has one bother and one sister and they live with an uncle who is a street vendor. There are 11 children living in the home.

Sarah Katiti Uganda

Birthdate: 2008

Florance Nakimera Uganda
Angella Magoba Uganda

Birthdate: 2011

Favor Solee Liberia

Birthday:  06/23/2008

At around 6 months old Favor contracted Malaria and was given quinine for treatment. Soon after the treatment the family noticed she was not responding to voices. Her family is very supportive and had been teaching Favor the write her ABCs. Her father is a teacer and currently taking sign language training weekly at the school so he can help his daugther at home.

Nicolle Corrales Honduras

Birthdate: 2009

Full Name: Nicolle Anibeth Castañeda Corrales

Nicolle is a happy and communicate student. She began attending the School in the early stimulation program at just 13 months old. She is very smart and excels in her classes. Nicolle’s mom is very young and has worked very hard to support Nicolle’s education and even help other Deaf students when she can.

Poleth Morales Honduras

Birthdate: 2002

Full Name: Poleth Alejandra Cámbar Morales

Poleth is an intelligent student who always applies herself and possesses leadership skills. She lives with her paternal aunt who has taken care of her since she was a young girl. Poleth does very well academically and loves sports and art. She would like to become a teacher of Deaf students in the future and looks forward to going to the University.

Ana Jeréz Honduras

Birthdate: 2002

Full Name: Ana Carolina Aguilar Jeréz

Ana Carolina is a dedicated student who is always motivated to learn in class. She lives with her parents who are very supportive. She excels in academics as well as extra-curricular activities such as the spelling bee and recycle fair at the school. In 2016, she was chosen to represent children with auditory disabilities at Honduras’ Children’s Congress where she asked that the present law regarding Honduran Sign Language (LESHO) be implemented nationwide.

Nelsi Aguilar Honduras

Birthdate: 2009

Full Name: Nelsi Julissa Benítez Aguilar

Nelsi is a vibrant and smart girl. Along with her mother, she travels from a very rural town outside of Tegucigalpa to attend School. During rainy season, there are many days that she cannot attend school because the river rises and cuts the community off from travel. Nelsi’s mom helps clean the school while her daughter attends classes and always has a smile on her face. Nelsi’s family lives in extreme economic poverty.

Dariela Artíaga Honduras

Birthdate: 2010

Full Name: Dariela Pradith Cruz Artíaga

Dariela is a very active and happy student who loves sports. She is an only child who lives with both parents. Her grandparents and aunts are also involved in her education. Dariela attended a hearing school first but the family quickly recognized she needed to be in a school where sign language was included in her education. She is flourishing at the school.

Nahomy Galindo Honduras

Birthdate: 2011

Full Name: Nahomy Elizabeth González Galindo

Nahomy is an active first grader and with a good character in both discipline and order. This is her third year attending the school. Her family lives about 2 hours outside of the city. She rides into school every day with her mom who then volunteers at the school and returns home with Nahomy after school. Her family is one of the best supporters of the school and they have been very good Honduran Sign Language students.

Nelson Garcia Honduras

Birthdate: 2014

Full Name: Nelson Isaíd Garcia

Nelson is in his first year of school. He is an active and happy student and attempts to communicate his needs and wants. The first few weeks, Nelson struggled to adapt to the school environment, but he is now enjoying it fully. He and his older brother have many Deaf family members, Their grandfather, grandmother and father are Deaf. His mother, who passed away during his delivery, was also Deaf.

Axel Cabrera Honduras

Birthdate: 2015

Full Name: Axel Uzziel Carías Cabrera

Axel started attending school in 2017 in the early stimulation program. He is an active and happy child. Axel’s mother is very supportive and makes sure Axel has a 100% school attendance record. Axel has one older brother. Because of some problems at birth, Axel also as some challenges with his gross motor skills.

Amado Càceres Honduras

Birthdate: 2003

Full Name: Amado Benjamín Solórzano Cáceres

Benjamin is a respectful and easy-going student. He lives with his mother and nieces. Benjamin’s mother doesn’t work and has a chronic illness, but she always looks for ways to support her son. Benjamin loves sports and has competed in several athletic events.

Jose Carlos Mexico
Edith Akinyi Kenya

Born in 2011.

Rolex Okoth Kenya
Roseberline Italien Haiti
Alwayne Stewart Jamaica
Isenaicka Philogene Haiti

Birthday: 9/18/2007

Bandjima Haiti
Djeriva Previl Haiti

DOB: 3/19/2000

Djeriva’s family is from Delmas. He is shy, very neat. He has a beautiful smile and enjoys drawing. He enjoys school. He loves learning English and French and learning new words. His favorite sport is soccer and favorite foods are spaghetti and rice and beans with gravy (bean sauce). Djeriva has 4 sisters and 5 brothers. He sometimes goes home to visit family, but usually his parents come on Sundays to visit him. He also loves to work hard and helped with construction work on the new school.

Christelle Saintyl​ Haiti

Christelle loves hanging out with friends, doing hair and eating her favorite food… spaghetti. She also loves bananas dribbled with chocolate and caramel sauce! She loves learning math in school and is working on addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Thuy Vietnam

My name is Thuy. I like the color pink. My favorite food is bahn mi que. I have one brother and one sister. My favorite classes at school are Vietnamese and math.

Minh Vietnam
Thao Vietnam

My name is Thao. I am eleven years old. I have two brothers and one sister. I like to ride becyles. At school I like math and Vietanmese. My favorite color is red. I like eating bun (Vietnameses noodles.)

Nien Vietnam

My name is Nien. My favorite color is purple. I like to eat chao (Vietnamese rice porridge). I have two borthers. One thing I like to do is ride a bicycle. My favorite classes at school are Citizenship and Math.

Trinh Vietnam

My name is Trinh. I am five years old. My favorite color is yellow. I like to eat cake. I have two brothers.

Thuy Vietnam

My name is Thuy. My favorite food is Chao (Vietnamese rice porridge). I like the color red. I do not have any brothers, but I do have one sister. I like riding a bicycle. At school I like coloring.

Emma Baldez Haiti

Born in 2001

Charles Uganda
Eric Kasilye Uganda
Handy Joachim Haiti
Doodly Francois Haiti
Tchously Chery Haiti
Bertha Henry Haiti

Aresemakidest Girma Ethiopia

Born 2000

Aresemakidest is a cheerful girl with an infectious smile. Her father says that everyone she meets is blessed by her joyful spirit.

She enjoys drawing and watching TV.  She attends deaf school and is an average student.  Thanks to her involvement at TLC, she is able to attend weekly Bible

lessons and has special lessons specifically designed for the deaf students.  Her father is a follower of Christ, and is thankful to God for all that TLC Childcare has done for his daughter.

Message from Ginger after meeting Aresemakidest:   I met her when I visited Ethiopia. She was so beautiful and loved getting her picture made.  She was so happy and smiling the whole time. I remember her and her father had dressed up just because we were coming to visit. They graciously invited us into their very humble home that had walls made of mud.  I clearly remember her father saying she is a blessing to everyone she meets because she is so joyful. 


Jonathan Kabologa Uganda
Axel Amaya Santos Mexico
Lovelie Dorvil Haiti
Dieunise Thélot Haiti
Mercy Kenya
Nancy Akoth Kenya
Michelle Mokeira Kenya

New to Lance’s Deaf Orphans in 2016.  Michelle has never attended school due to abject poverty at her home. Both her father and mother died when she was a new baby. She was born deaf and was being cared for by her Aunt. Her Aunt is a poor farmer can’t raise her school fees.

Born 2008.

Christ Valson Haiti
Souvensky Jilles Haiti

He is just learning sign language.  This is the first time he is ever been in school.  He is a very nice boy.  Born May 2008.

Michael Theodore Haiti

Michael just came to school in October 2016, and is just learning sign language.  His parents brought him.  They didn’t even know his name as they have always just called him “bebe” meaning deaf/dumb.  Parents did find his birth certificate and brought to the school.

Julgurest Derise Haiti

Julgurest’s has never had school before as of 2016 and is just learning to sign.  He enjoys playing soccer and likes to eat apples.  He was born in 2000.

Julie Agustin Haiti

Julie’s family is from Hinche.  Her mother is very young.  She has five brothers and five sisters.  She enjoys the Deaf children and likes to learn.  She is a good student.

Danaika Haiti

Lives in St. Louis-du-Nord. She was born hearing but at age 9 became severely ill and that caused her to lose her hearing.

Birthday: 2004

Yolande Tanisme Haiti

Yolande is playful with both the other children and the adults around the house. She is very smart and is excelling in her class at school. Yolande gives hugs with reckless abandon and is not at all bashful. 

Birthdate: 7/1/2009

Yolande is one of six deaf siblings from a home in Saint Michel, Haiti. Both of her parents are deaf as well. Her father is a gardener and her mother works for the Haiti Deaf Academy as a care-taker.


Dieulin Haiti

Birthyear: 2007

Lives in the mountains about 2 hours away from the school. He just started attending school in 2016.

Joulie Charles Haiti
Adionie Haiti
Founa Haiti
Martin Omondi Kenya

Date of Birth: 2007 (details inknown)
Deafness: Martin was born deaf but the reason for his deafness is
not known.
School level: Martin was enrolled at this school in February 2015 and
is in Nursery School.
Progress: Martin is settling into school quite well and is learning the
basic skills and Kenyan Sign Language.
Favourite Activity: Martin enjoys playing games with his new deaf
Family Details: Martin’s father is deceased and his mother cares for
him; but she has no employment. They live in the
Rachuony district. He needs a kind sponsor to support
him at school.

Jean-Néré Edrouard Haiti

Birth Date: 8/13/2009

Itralene Haiti

2016 Itralene  10 2016 Itralene 3 2016 Itralene 5 2016 Itralene 7

Kervens Rosier Haiti

Kervens is incredibly sweet and friendly. He is a curious little boy who has proven him self eager to learn since his first days with us.

Kervens is from a neighborhood called Duclos in Cabaret, Haiti where his stepfather and mother live. His mother says that Kervens’ father abandoned him because of his deafness. Kervens has an older brother and an older and younger sister. A friend of one of our staff informed Kervens’ mother about our academy a few months ago. Realizing his need for an education, she brought him to live with us and attend our school.

Jashly Chavenia Philippines

Jashly was born deaf. She started school in 2014 and has settled into school and is progressing in her learning. Jashly will contnuing Kindergarten startng in June 2015. Her favourite subject is Maths and she enjoys drawing. Jashly likes to play hide and seek in the playground with her deaf friends. Jashly has no brothers or sisters.

Velma Atieno Kenya

School: Immanuel Chrisan School For The Deaf, Kenya
School Level: Velma commenced Preparatory
grade in 2015.
Progress: Velma started school in 2013 and settled into school well. She
completed Kindergarten in 2014 and is making good progress
in all subjects.
Favourite Subject: Velma’s favourite subject is Kenyan Sign Language.
General Health: Velma also has a hernia, but she is a happy girl with an
outgoing character. She likes playing with her deaf friends at
Family Information: Velma comes from a poor family.

Stefany Mexico
Louidena Cadet Haiti

Louidena is very small and slender, with a spunky personality. She loves jumping rope and playing with the other young girls living in the house.

Louidena came from Arcahaie, a town in Haiti that is near Cabaret. Her mother works selling charcoal, commuting to and from a nearby island, La Gonave. Louidena has 2 brothers, but is her mother’s only daughter. She had no other options for education, which is why she was enrolled in the deaf school and began living at our home.

Birthdate: 8/26/2008

Kerrine Ocean Haiti

Kerrine is a very silly and animated little girl who loves playing with the other girls, stuffed animals and giving hugs with a running start.

Kerrine is from an extremely poor family in Sources Matelas. Her dad has chosen not to take responsibility for her, but she is well loved and cared for by her grandmother. We asked her mother to visit more often, but she claimed she can’t since she does not have anything to bring her daughter when she comes.

Birthdate: 9/28/2007

Wadena Tanisme Haiti

Wadena is remarkably loving and light-hearted. She enjoys playing house with the other girls her age and giving hugs. In school, Wadena is very cooperative and well liked by her teachers.

Wadena is one of six deaf siblings from a home in Saint Michel, Haiti. Both of her parents are deaf as well. Her father is a gardener and her mother works for the Haiti Deaf Academy as a care-taker.

Birthdate: 5/1/2007

Francique Elveus Haiti

2014 Francique 22014 Francique 3

Witcherly Augustin Haiti

Witcherly was born in 2005.  He likes school, books and writing.  He likes baseball, basketball and likes to play and have fun.  Favorite foods are milk, spaghetti and candy.  He likes his teachers and says all the deaf are my friends and I love them.


Micheline Tanisme Haiti

Micheline is one of six deaf siblings from a home in Saint Michel, Haiti. Both of her parents are deaf as well.  She is currently the youngest and newest child at the academy. Micheline is incredibly curious and just as affectionate as her brother and sisters. She fits in well with the other deaf children and is taken care of as the baby of the home.

Birthdate: 9/1/2011

Darlia Haiti

Darlia is a very smart, independent little girl.  She loves to play games and jump rope.  She has gorgeous blue eyes which is not common in Haiti.  She is loved by the other children very much. 

2015 DarliaDarlia reading a book

Urcher Vilsaint Haiti

She loves to play with the other girls and boys at the home. She is a loveable little girl who loves dancing and giving hugs.

Urcher is from Arcahaie where her mother and stepfather take good care of her. Urcher has one younger sister who likes to visit her.

Birthday: 11/24/2004

Võ Anh Tài Vietnam

Tai didn’t know any words or numbers before coming to New Beginnings. He is happier and more flexible now, learning new skills and hygiene. Tai lives with his grandmother, who farms the land. She hopes to raise pigs to improve their income. Tai likes taking photographs and filming. He is very glad to be in school.

Birthdate: 8/7/2006


Nguyễn Thị Yến Vi Vietnam

Vi is a lovely and friendly girl. She has a weak leg, and sometimes has fever. She cannot hear, talk or control urination. She has never been to school before, so she is slow, but progressing. Her father is a farmer and plumber. Her walking and balance are improving through therapy. Vi likes cartoons and comics.

Birthdate: 5/1/2006

2015 ViDeaf2 compressed

Huỳnh Thanh Vĩ Vietnam

Vi is healthy and likes to draw. Before New Beginnings, he could only count to ten, but now he is learning to add and subtract. He often has to be reminded not to shout. Vi lives with his grandparents. They are farmers who also cut wood to make enough to live. Vi’s father visits him once a year, but his mother does not ever come to see him.

Birthdate: 7/9/2001

Nguyễn Thị Gia Hân Vietnam

Han is clever and helpful to others. She understands the world around her. She cannot speak or hear, but she is learning to sign. Han loves cooking. She would like to ride in a plane someday. Han has never known the love of a father.

Birthdate: 7/29/2002

Nguyễn Thị Bích Kiều Vietnam

Kieu is healthy but often gets nosebleeds. She is clever and lovely, and she loves to draw. She had no previous education, and is now learning writing, math and character. Kieu’s father is a farmer and builder. Often they do not have enough rice. Kieu has trouble memorizing, but she is improving.

Birthdate: 11/14/2005

Aaron Mexico

Born 2008

Esteban Mexico

Born 2008

Aldo Mexico

Born 2010

Yomara Mexico

Born 2009

Karina Mexico

Born in 2010

Ashley Mexico

Born in 2010

Jimena Mexico

Born in 2011

Opio Saviour Uganda
Godfrey Ssekitooleko Uganda
Tendo Mugisha Uganda
Ronnie Ssemuyaba Uganda
Sharif Mukwaya Uganda
David Ntale Uganda
Nansamba Hadijan Uganda

Born in 2000

Shadia Bukirwa Uganda
Rolf Haiti

2016 Rolf 3

Meet Rolf.  Rolf is a sweet, young boy!

Born in 2008

Sony Haiti

Born in 2005

Lives in the mountains. Has about a 1 hour walk to school each morning. He enjoys playing soccer and his mom sells mangoes at the market.

Chernanthe Haiti

Born in 2008.

Peace Afoyonwoth Uganda
Shanitah Nanyonga Uganda
Alphonce Ochieng Kenya

Born in 2007

2014.Alphonce Ochieng

Pheny Ezel Kenya

Born in 2010

2014Pheny Ezel

Evans Ngutu Kenya

2014Evans Ngutu

John Winston Kenya

Born in 2008

2014John Winston

Treezer Akinyl Kenya

Born in 2010

2014Treezer Akinyi

Leah Bosibori Kenya

Born in 2002

2014Leah Bosibori

Japheth Onyango Kenya

Born in 2003.

2014Japheth Onyango

Mike Otieno Kenya

Born in 2006.

2014Mike Otieno

Ephy Adoyo Kenya

Born in 2010.

2014Ephy Adoyo

Sheila Atieno Kenya

Born in 2010.

2014Sheila Atieno

Pauline Atieno Kenya

Born in 2006.

2014Pauline Atieno

Felix Otieno Kenya

Born in 2001.

2014 Felix Otieno

Dancan Ondieki Kenya

Born in 2006 but don’t know exact date.

2014Dancan Ondieki

Stephen Obondo Kenya

2014Stephen Obondo

Pamela Akinyl Kenya

Born in 2010 but don’t know exact date.

2014Pamela Akinyi

Lawrence Onyango Kenya

Born in 2004 but don’t know exact date.

2014Lawrence Onyango

Mael Marcelus Haiti

Birthdate: 4/7/2005

2014 Mael Marcellus 3 2014 Mael Marcellus 2

Keslo Elminor Haiti

Birthdate: 11/26/2001


Daphna Pierre Haiti

Birthdate: 2/10/2001. 


Lucy Awino Kenya
Estubetew Getu Ethiopia
Abederezak Hussen Ethiopia
Misual Walakira Uganda
Kasande Zahara Uganda
Noelia Celeste Barragan Mexico

2013 Noelia 1

Flawensky Emmanuel Haiti
Samuel Walusimbi Uganda
Karen Garcia Castro Mexico
Huynh Ngoc Tho Vietnam
Paul Ecatu Uganda
Wasley Senat Haiti
Juan Jose Mexico
Mariolene Pierre Haiti
Balack Mugalu Uganda
Moureen Kooga Uganda
Aaleyah Thompson Jamaica

PERSONALITY:  Aaleyah is a friendly little girl who lights up a room with her smile and giggle.  INTERESTS:  Loves to learn. Has a twin brother who she adores. Her brother is hearing, but they have learned to communicate very well. The highligh of her day is when she is able to spend time with him.  ABILITIES:  Aaleyah is gifted in art.


Birthdate: 1/11/2009

Moses Olowo Uganda
Muswaba Male Uganda
Florence Malumbega Uganda
Esther Mukisha Uganda
Umar Musana Uganda
Kakumba George Uganda
Nardos Dereje Ethiopia
Amanta Rosimphat Haiti
Jerome Pindling Jamaica
Raheem Martin Jamaica
Geteye Alemayehu Ethiopia
Roventzley Annilus Haiti
Tseganesh Tesefaye Ethiopia
Evelyn Mexico
Jamie Thomas Jamaica
Kitha Haiti
Beni Blaj USA
Marckenson Innocent Haiti
Keney Lachapelle “Jeffly” Haiti
Jeffsson Antoine Haiti
Alexis Quirino Mexico
Jevaughn Morgan Jamaica

PERSONALITY:  He is always smiling.

INTERESTS:  Javaughn loves arts and crafts.

ABILITIES:  He is able to draw very well.

Seymour Laidford Jamaica

PERSONALITY:   He is very quiet, cooperative and helpful.

INTERESTS:   He shows interest in reading.  He loves doing vocabulary.

ABILITIES:  He is good at doing Math. Level 1

Nguyen Ngoc Thai Vietnam
Bernalange Leon Haiti

Very sweet girl.  Knows the alphabet, colors, likes markers and drawing with them.

Lourdes Gina Augustin Haiti
Bob Sandley Jean Haiti