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Give Hope To A Deaf Child In Poverty

Your sponsorship provides clothing, food, shelter, education, safety, acceptance, and the Gospel of Jesus to these special Deaf children.

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10+ Years in Operation

We have been sponsoring Deaf children for over 10 years, helping them receive the education they deserve.

11 Countries and Growing

We sponsor Deaf children in 11 different countries.

Every sponsorship counts!

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What is it like to be deaf and in poverty?

  • Isolated - Many Deaf children in poverty are unable to communicate with their friends or family, leaving them isolated and lonely.
  • Vulnerable - Impoverished Deaf children are vulnerable and often unable to protect themselves.
  • Limited Opportunity - Many Deaf children in poverty have no way out of their current situation.
Give Hope  ♡

How We Work



We often take our daily bread for granted. Many Deaf children in poverty do not know where their next meal will come from. By supplying this basic need, we allow Deaf children to focus on their education instead of worrying about their next meal.



Some of the cultures within the countries we work consider Deaf children to be less-than other children. We know their hopes and dreams are just as valuable as everyone else. Our development centers provide a safe place for Deaf children who have been abandoned by their families.



More than 50% of Deaf children in poverty do not have access to sign language education and therefore can not communicate. Teaching them a new language and showing them they can communicate breathes new hope into otherwise isolated children.

Sponsor A Child  ♡