Where we work

Deaf Child Hope is focused on deaf children in poverty.  Although we do provide help for deaf children in the U.S., the majority of deaf children in poverty are in developing countries.  There are more children born deaf, per capita, as well as a higher percentage of children become deaf after they are born within developing countries. The reason for this is a combination of poor nutrition, unclean water, minimal or no medical care, and poor sanitation.  A percentage of children are born deaf as a result of a genetics, but a lot of deafness is the result of an illness.
This being said, our focus is helping deaf children in poverty areas and developing countries are where there is much need.  The countries where we currently have partners are Ethiopia, Jamaica, Kenya, Haiti, Honduras, Liberia, Mexico, Philippines, Uganda, United States, and Vietnam.  We currently have deaf children sponsored in all of these countries.
We directly manage, oversee and provide financial resources for Lance’s Deaf Orphans, near Kissi, Kenya where 22 deaf orphans and eight staff members live.