Sponsor a Teacher

Teachers of deaf children are special people. Educating deaf children includes challenges that are often not recognized. For one, the teacher needs to know sign language. If the teacher is deaf, they probably already know sign language, but if the teacher is hearing they may need to learn it. If the students know sign language that is a plus, but there are many times when deaf children in developing countries do not know sign language and have no way of communicating other than pointing and body language. Teaching deaf children to read, when they cannot hear how to “sound out” the word, is another challenge. Deaf Child Hope International believes teachers are a critical component to giving deaf children hope and a future. A deaf teacher sponsorship is $48 a month. You can view the teachers available for sponsorship below.

Schadrac Pierre Haiti

Shadrac is a very nice young teacher with lots of potential.  He is patient and kind and seems very eager to try new things with the Deaf children.  He has his own classroom with the younger group of boys. 

Thi Ngan Vietnam
Quang Hoa Vietnam
Diem Phyong Vietnam
Minh Thuy Vietnam
Anh Minh Vietnam
Madrine Katusime Uganda
Rashidah Naluggo Uganda
Immacula Joseph Haiti
Fedner Joseph Haiti
Clercius Eume Haiti
Suzan Miremebe Uganda
Margret Nazziwa Uganda
Bertha Henry Haiti

Christine Nyambeki Kenya

Christine is at Lance’s Deaf Orphans.

Mary Aluoch Kenya

Mary has been the Headteacher at Lance’s Deaf Orphans in Kenya since 2009.  She has been very committed to the deaf children at Lance’s Deaf Orphans since 2009.

Here she is with the rest of the staff at Lance’s Deaf Orphans, front left.


Jean Denis Antoine Haiti

Denis has been teaching at this deaf school for four years.  He went to school in Port Au Prince.  He finished high school.  He enjoys socializing with the Deaf, acting/drama, group learning, basketball, and motorcycles.  He enjoys teaching French, English, and math.  He does devotions with the children every morning, noon and night.  He is a father of two children ages 2 and nine that live in Port Au Prince. He is like a house father and is at the school/dorm every day helping care for the children!

Vo Thi Bich Hanh Vietnam

Vo Thi Bich Hanh is Mai’s teaching assistant. She has no college degree but has worked for three years in the area of child/youth care. She has also served as a dedicated housemother at Hope House and Victory House, providing faithful and loving stability for all the girls.

Ho Thi Thyet Mai Vietnam

Ho Thi Thyet Mai is the lead teacher at New Beginnings School for the Deaf. She had previously been working with children at the Phu Ninh Therapy Center. When God prompted to open the deaf school, Mai stepped up to attend Quang Nam’s University of Foreign Language and earned a degree in sign language. She has been teaching at New Beginnings School since November 2014.

Ivan Mukisa Uganda
Agnes Namugabo Uganda
Ibrahim Kitiibwa Uganda
Namanda Hasifah Uganda