Sponsor a deaf Child

Deaf children living in poverty conditions are smart, fun, talented, full of life, and have dreams for their future, just like any children! The only thing deaf children cannot do that hearing children are capable of doing is…hear. This simple difference, especially in countries that don’t understand causes of deafness, can result in these deaf children being outcast and isolated. Your $38 monthly sponsorship will give a deaf child hope by giving them food, clothing, shelter, and an education. For these children to know someone cares for them and is praying for them is such an encouragement. Below are deaf children that are available for sponsorship.

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Thuy Vietnam

My name is Thuy. I like the color pink. My favorite food is bahn mi que. I have one brother and one sister. My favorite classes at school are Vietnamese and math.

Minh Vietnam
Huy Vietnam

My name is Huy. My favorite color blue. I like to eat banh (Vietnamese bread with meat and vegetables). I have one brother, but no sisters. At school I like to study math and Vietnamese.

Tra My Vietnam
Thao Vietnam

My name is Thao. I am eleven years old. I have two brothers and one sister. I like to ride becyles. At school I like math and Vietanmese. My favorite color is red. I like eating bun (Vietnameses noodles.)

Nien Vietnam

My name is Nien. My favorite color is purple. I like to eat chao (Vietnamese rice porridge). I have two borthers. One thing I like to do is ride a bicycle. My favorite classes at school are Citizenship and Math.

Trinh Vietnam

My name is Trinh. I am five years old. My favorite color is yellow. I like to eat cake. I have two brothers.

Thuy Vietnam

My name is Thuy. My favorite food is Chao (Vietnamese rice porridge). I like the color red. I do not have any brothers, but I do have one sister. I like riding a bicycle. At school I like coloring.

Ngan Vietnam

My name is Ngan. I am six years old. My favorite color is white.My fovorite food is chicken. I have one brother. I like to rede a bicyle. At school I like to read books.

Nghi Vietnam

My name is Nghi. I was born in 2012!  My favorite color is red. I like to eat Bun (Vietnamese rice noodles). I have two brothers.

Rahumah Nalubwana Uganda
Ngo Thi Thu Hien Vietnam

Birthday: 11-14-2011

Anh Huynh Vietnam
Hector Mexico
Becki Mexico
Edson Mexico

Birthyear: 2007

Gina Mexico

Birthyear: 2002

Don Joseph Haiti

Birthdate: 4/9/2003

He is well liked by the other children, excitable in a fun way and loves to dance.  Dondesley is from Arcahaie, Haiti, where his affectionate mother, grandmother and aunt live. He is an only child and was rejected by his father. He came to our partner with very little education or language, but has truly flourished.

Wisno Tanisme Haiti

Birthdate: 1/1/2002

Wisno is a very smart boy. He has a sweet demeanor and gets along well with the other children in the home. He has also proven himself to be a brave fellow when he needed to be treated at the clinic nearby. Wisno loves school and playing soccer.

Wisno is one of six deaf siblings from a home in Saint Michel, Haiti. Both of his parents are deaf as well.

Donley Louismond Haiti

Birthdate: 1/1/2002

He came to our partner in 2013 and is often smiling and very active in school and loves having his mother visit him often.  Donley is from a town called Saintard, Arcahaie, which is a 15 minute drive north from Cabaret and our partner. He was born hearing but was sick most of the first two years of his life. He became deaf after two years of fever. Though his father does not take care of him because of his deafness and does not live in the area, his mother is devoted to his health and success

Pardieu Jean Haiti
Esena Tanisme Haiti

Birthday:  8/1/2005

Esena is a terrific student—extremely attentive and respectful. She always has a grin on her face and is willing to help anyone who needs it. Esena is also notably friendly and hardworking. Esena is one of six deaf siblings from a home in Saint Michel, Haiti. Both of her parents are deaf as well.

Fidielle Dufresne Haiti

Birthday: 9/13/2008

Fidielle loves going to school. She is very cheerful and loves to play with other children.

Fidielle Dusfresne is the daughter of Joseph Elcius Dusfresne and the lady Louisimene Tiralus both residing and domiciled Sabourin, a town inside Cabaret, Haiti. She is one of a few of the children who commute to and from school. Her parents love her dearly.

Ibrahim Uganda
Eric Kaserye Uganda
Tonny Ssemleyaba Uganda
Stephane Ducasse Haiti
Jesmy Haiti
Tchously Chery Haiti
Pewoudy Edmond Haiti
Zacari Goliathe Haiti
Asinar Tamale Uganda
Rashidah Naluggo Uganda
Arnold Uganda
Lung Hnem Puia Myanmar

Lung Hnem Puia moved to our school in 2014. He has now completed grade 4. Lung Hnem Puia settled into his new school quickly and is expected to commence grade 5 in June 2015. His favorite subject is English and he is an active and happy boy and likes playing soccer. Lung Hnem Puia comes from a small peasant village in the Kalay area. His father is a cultivator and he is the second child of 4 children.

Michelle Mokeira Kenya

New to Lance’s Deaf Orphans in 2016.  Michelle has never attended school due to abject poverty at her home. Both her father and mother died when she was a new baby. She was born deaf and was being cared for by her Aunt. Her Aunt is a poor farmer can’t raise her school fees.

Born 2008.

Dieulin Haiti

Birthyear: 2007

Lives in the mountains about 2 hours away from the school. He just started attending school in 2016.

Joulie Charles Haiti
Itralene Haiti

2016 Itralene 10 2016 Itralene 3 2016 Itralene 5 2016 Itralene 7

Raudenal Cajuste Haiti

Raudenel is a sweet eight-year-old boy who seems to be constantly smiling!  His is a great role model for his peers and is very successful in school.

Raudenel came to our partner with his older sister, Dacheca, from Thomas, Arcahaie.  They have a large and supportive family.  Their mother and father prayed for a long time that God would provide a Christian place for them to be educated in a language they can understand.  They were so glad when they found our partner, Haiti Deaf Academy, and said it was an answer to prayer.  Various members of their family make frequent visits to see them and bring gifts from their garden to show continued gratefulness for what is being done for their children.

Birthdate: 7/28/2006

Stevens Jean Charles Haiti

Stevens loves school and is very smart. He plays with tons of energy and is an incredibly resilient boy with a charming smile.

Stevens comes from a poor farming family in La Plaine, Haiti. His mother has been sick for quite some time and can’t ever seem to ever get well.

Birthdate: 4/20/2006

Wadena Tanisme Haiti

Wadena is remarkably loving and light-hearted. She enjoys playing house with the other girls her age and giving hugs. In school, Wadena is very cooperative and well liked by her teachers.

Wadena is one of six deaf siblings from a home in Saint Michel, Haiti. Both of her parents are deaf as well. Her father is a gardener and her mother works for the Haiti Deaf Academy as a care-taker.

Birthdate: 5/1/2007

Francique Elveus Haiti

2014 Francique 22014 Francique 3

Witcherly Augustin Haiti

Witcherly was born in 2005.  He likes school, books and writing.  He likes baseball, basketball and likes to play and have fun.  Favorite foods are milk, spaghetti and candy.  He likes his teachers and says all the deaf are my friends and I love them.


Urcher Vilsaint Haiti

She loves to play with the other girls and boys at the home. She is a loveable little girl who loves dancing and giving hugs.

Urcher is from Arcahaie where her mother and stepfather take good care of her. Urcher has one younger sister who likes to visit her.

Birthday: 11/24/2004

Wachlin Janvier Haiti

Wachlin is very sweet and curious, which has aided him in quickly learning sign language.

Wachlin came with his mother from Petion-Ville to have his hearing tested at a quarterly hearing clinic. He was found to be deaf.  Though it was initially very difficult for Wachlin to adjust to living around so many other children at our partner in Haiti (since he is his mothers only child), he has begun to get along well with the other students and learned invaluable social skills.

Born: 2/8/2006

Ivan Mexico

Born 2001

Leonardo Mexico

Born 2003

Yahir Mexico

Born 2003

Eli Mexico

Born 2007

Arath Mexico

Born in 2007

Aaron Mexico

Born 2008

Tendo Mugisha Uganda
Frank Bawakana Uganda
Patrick Ronie Semuyaba Uganda
Rehemah Nakiguzi Uganda
Derrick Jjuuko Uganda
Davis Mutebi Uganda
Shanon Naninde Uganda
Kenneth Kamalimi Uganda
Riad Lukkago Uganda
Jackson Ssemaikie Uganda
Daphine Nakyese Uganda
Kalema Yasin Uganda
Ritah Nambuya Uganda
Shakirah Naggayi Uganda
David Kimbowa Uganda
Newton Asanidde Uganda
Elvis Lugemwa Uganda

2014 Elvis Lugemwa

Kevin Odhiambo Kenya

Born in 2002.

2014Kevin Odhiambo

Erick Omondi Kenya

2014Erick Omondi

Dancan Ondieki Kenya

Born in 2006 but don’t know exact date.

2014Dancan Ondieki

Isaac Mubiru Uganda
Florence Malumbega Uganda
EStevenson Haiti
Javion Clarke Jamaica

PERSONALITY: Javion is an energetic but shy child.

INTERESTS: Javion likes to play and draw. Javion loves to play with toys. He is normally on the go bursting with energy. He likes to run and play with his friends.

ABILITIES: Talented artist

Alexis Quirino Mexico
Brittiana Simpson Jamaica

Brittiana lives with mother, aunt and cousins.

PERSONALITY: She is a very pleasant child.

INTERESTS: She likes to do table top activities.

ABILITIES: She likes to read.

Saidat Nakalyowa Uganda
Seymour Laidford Jamaica

PERSONALITY:   He is very quiet, cooperative and helpful.

INTERESTS:   He shows interest in reading.  He loves doing vocabulary.

ABILITIES:  He is good at doing Math. Level 1

Brian Mutebi Uganda
Evensky Osias Haiti
Eloi Thelot Haiti